On behalf of the Whitewater Community Foundation, Rick Fassl, is proud to announce a Challenge Grant opportunity. The Treyton Kilar Field of Dreams is in need of a concession stand/restroom facility. A Challenge Grant offers the opportunity for companies, businesses and individuals to donate to this project as a fully tax deductable gift through the Whitewater Community Foundation.

This state-of-the-art ball diamond has been designed to complete Starin Park’s field upgrade so that the entire park can host baseball/softball tournaments. After an intensive four-year effort to procure funds, the project broke ground on August 16, 2013. A number of entities have come forward to help make this project a reality. Several contractors have donated their skills on the project. Numerous successful fundraisers have driven the actual construction funding and commitments from the City of Whitewater. And, people from Whitewater and the surrounding area have committed their time and money to make the Field of Dreams’ completion possible by October 2014.

The Whitewater Community Foundation (WCF) is supportive of this project and has been serving as a depository for the fundraising campaign, initiated in 2011. As construction of the field progresses, the plans for a concession stand and restrooms are being designed. The estimated cost of this facility is $175,000.00. The individual cost of the foundation and slab, building construction, electrical, masonry, plumbing and equipment will cost approximately $17,364, $88,086, $18,000, $12,360, $23,300 and $15,000 respectively. The Whitewater Community Foundation is offering $25,000.00, if the community can raise the additional $150,000.00. The Challenge Grant deadline is December 31st., 2014.
Donors may contact Mike Kilar at 262-581-6523 or Matt Amundson at 262-473-0122 for more information to help reach the $150,000 goal to construct the new concession stand/restroom facility.